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8 Different Types Of Coffee Cups & Mugs

Jul 17

Different Types Of Coffee Cups & Mugs

There are many types of coffee mugs. You likely already have many, perhaps made of clay or glasses. Do you know which mug is best for you?

We've created this guide to help you make the most of your coffee. Continue reading to discover all the details about the various materials and sizes.

Here are 8 types of coffee cups:

1.Ceramic Coffee Mugs

If you think of a traditional coffee mug it is probably made of ceramic. This is the most common type of coffee mug. Ceramic mugs are the most common type of mug. They can be found at a favorite restaurant or high school reunion.

These mugs are sturdy and durable, and many come with printed designs. They can also be used in the microwave or dishwasher. Ceramic is also good for insulation. Your coffee will stay hot for longer because it distributes heat evenly throughout your cup.

Ceramic mugs can be ugly and stain easily. They're also heavy.

2.Glass Coffee Mugs

Glass mugs make for an elegant and enjoyable way to enjoy your coffee. You can see the layers in your coffee as it brews and is drank. Glass doesn't tain so you don't have spend time cleaning up coffee rings.

Glass won't insulate your coffee well because it isn’t an excellent material for heating. Double-walled mugs with double walls are best for slow coffee drinkers. These mugs can be used to keep your cup warm by placing distance between the outside temperature and your drink.

Glass is also less durable than other materials. This means that glass is more susceptible to breaking or shattering when it is hit or when temperatures suddenly change. Tempered glass is better at enduring heat changes and impacts. You should also keep an eye on borosilicate glasses for their durability.

Mugs made of stainless steel

Stainless steel cups are excellent at keeping your coffee hot for long hours. This is why Stainless Steel is so popular as a travel mug.

These mugs may be more expensive but they offer many options, such as handles and lids.

4.Melamine Coffee Mugs

This material may be new to you, but it's likely you have. Melamine, a man-made material that is used in various kitchen products, can be found here.

Melamine mugs are light-weight, durable and practically unbreakable.

5.China Coffee Cups

Since centuries, traditional Chinese pottery has been a high-end choice. It is beautiful but not durable so it won't be your favorite.

6.Travel Mugs

You may prefer a travel-friendly mug if you are consuming your coffee on the train or in the car. Travel Mugs are usually made of ceramic or stainless-steel and can hold more coffee, typically around 16 ounces.

These mugs are larger so be mindful of how tall you like to make your coffee. It is not possible to use travel mugs under the drip or brew heads in many coffee machines. Make sure you measure before buying.

7.Espresso cups

The demitasse is another term for an espresso mug. These small mugs are only three ounces in weight so they can be used for a single shot of espresso. However, they will not hold a large cup of coffee. A demitasse with a greater capacity may be better if you are able to pull double shots.

Espresso cups are typically made of ceramic.

8.Stoneware Coffee Mugs

Stoneware mugs come in many different designs and are often handcrafted. These mugs are strong and durable, but they can also be heavy. You can put these mugs in your dishwasher for the most part.

After you have seen the many types of coffee cups, you might be wondering which type you should use and how.


You have many choices when it comes to buying coffee mugs. There may be multiple types depending on how much coffee you like . For example, you might want a stainless-steel travel mug, a ceramic one for work, and an espresso cup set for dinner parties. This guide should help you make a decision and find the perfect mug. Which is your favorite type?