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How to Find Your Soul Alignment

May 12

For those who are on a spiritual path or even one of self-development, there is a call, a profound inner yearning to shift into a new way of being. It is a call to reach one’s potential, a deep sense of purpose. It is not being better when compared to others; but being better than one has been yesterday. A striving for improvement and living an abundant life you can create for yourself.

It may be a call to let go of any aspects that are holding one back in one’s life, burdens or heavy emotions, or it may be a call to move forward: to shift into a new you

The challenge that often comes about is. You want this but where do you even start?  How would you go about creating a rich and fulfilled life?

In this blog, we will get to the core of this and explore a powerful technique that offers a deeply transformative healing tool to help you achieve your best. I will give you tips on how to find your soul alignment.

How to become the best version of yourself

How to become the best version of yourself is a question many of us want to know.  How can we live our best life? How can we embody our potential? How can we create a life of meaning and passion?

The answer can be put in two simple words:  soul alignment.

What is Soul Alignment

Soul alignment is exactly how it is stated. It is being in alignment with your soul.  It is becoming the embodiment of our soul within the physical and allowing the soul to shine through and guide us.

This means that being in soul alignment is about being you: the true you.  It is the true reflection of spirit in physical form within this reality. It is about living your essence.  It is being in integrity. 

So what is soul alignment? It is you living your potential.

Signs of Soul misalignment

Soul misalignment comes about when we are sitting with burdens, trauma and heaviness in mind, body and soul.

We may feel broken or even damaged. There may feel an overwhelming sense of pain. There could be heavy emotions: blinding anger, debilitating grief,  paralysing fear or even just numbness and a disconnection from reality. 

On a physical level, life and functioning within it may feel like a burden. Everything feels like a mission. Nothing seems to go right. If something can go wrong, it seems to happen. You can knock your knees or toes on objects such as walls or desks. Opportunities may feel non-existence. There may feel a need to escape and get away from what feels meaningless.

These are signs of soul misalignment. 

Why do these bad things happen?

This is not a disconnection or cutting off from our soul. It is not being in alignment with our soul.

Our soul is still there as is the connection but the connection is blocked. It is like connecting over a bad mobile signal. 

The soul is still talking to you: it is saying, “come back to me”, and when the message is not understood, it may knock some sense into you by hitting your head on the cupboard door. The job you don’t get is nothing about you; although we spiral into negative talk, it is because the job is not the right one to bring fulfilment. If you break up with the love of your life; it may be because given time and distance you will see that person is not the right one for you. If you are in emotional pain, your soul is saying, “change”.

These signs of soul alignment may feel extreme or mild, depending on how aligned, or misaligned, you are.

Why do we experience soul misalignment?

It should make sense that we would be aligned with our soul, especially if there is a deep need to be, right? So how does soul misalignment come about?

Soul misalignment comes through life and its experiences. There is social conditioning and programming that we experience that may not be in alignment with our soul’s purpose and pulls us away from our true selves.

In essence, our soul alignment is you without this conditioning. Without it, you would be living your best life and be within your potential.

However, as a potential soul, we come into this life. We experience “energetic trauma”. This may be through the birth process, family dynamics or social circumstances. Many small things may bring us into “energetic trauma”.

We adapt around these situations as we go into a physical reality. We need to survive and sometimrd to survive, we need to sacrifice. In doing so, we separate from our soul’s purpose and our soul’s manifestation. 

How to align with your soul?

To align with the soul, we need to shed all this conditioning.

This is done in a number of ways. A powerful first step is to work through the energetic trauma.

This can be done through shadow work or shadow alchemy. This is powerful in releasing aspects that no longer serve you. 

The goal is to keep doing the shadow alchemy, release all that is not ours, that we have adapted to survive. 

The more we can clear and release, the more we can be in our true selves and connect to our purpose and integrity. 

Energy healing is the next step.  Energy healing is powerful in shifting vibrations. It can help tune your energy to a different one, raising your frequency, so you can become open to allowing and connecting with the wisdom and beauty of your soul in its purest form.

I have an intensive 6 week package dedicated to helping you find your soul alignment as well as gifted meditation workshops at no cost.

How to align with your soul?

The shed and shift model is designed to help you find soul alignment and these principles can be applied in other areas too.

It is about doing what makes you shine.

Journaling is a wonderful way to find guidance. Try to work through these questions.

What lights you up? what makes you sing and dance?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What activity can I do that does not feel like work? That makes me excited in the morning. What makes me want to jump out of bed and start a new day that I see as a gift? I have found mine and you can too.
  • What are my values? What is true to me? What lifestyle feels good to me?
  • What relationships feel good to me? How can I find a relationship where I will be supported to be the best version of me and I can support the partner likewise? How can we create a space of love and acceptance?

What does a day in soul alignment look like?


If I had to sum it up in one word. 

A day of soul alignment is navigating our everyday physical lives as we normally would. It would not be separating, rather embodiment.

We would wake up, spend time with family, get ready for work, go to work, pay bills, meet with friends and do all of these everyday things.

I won’t put you off. Just keep reading.

However, all of this is done from a space of alignment with your soul development and growth. Your soul is there to guide your daily life and interactions.

So you wake up excited to start your day. You are so grateful for your wonderful family: your soul mate partner and your gorgeous kids. You then move into your job which is completely in alignment with your soul, your purpose and your skills. 

So this is where a soul-aligned life can lead you to.

Life becomes full of magic and beauty and gratitude. 

A soul-aligned life embraces us 

When you are aligned with your soul, we are aligned with a purest and powerful source of love.

This energy is flowing through us.

This energy is guiding us. 

It channels through us as intuitive guidance. This little voice in your head nudging you, showing you, encouraging you.

The voice is there to help you grow and reach your potential. This voice only has your highest soul interests in mind.